Labor Trafficking Story | Domestic Work

February 1, 2015
National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC)

Analyn had come to the United States to work as a domestic worker and her employers had promised that she would work 6 days a week, receive one day off every week, and she would earn a fair wage for her work. Instead, she was expected to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and was paid irregularly. Furthermore, Analyn's employers threatened her with deportation often and she believed that if she left, they would report her to immigration authorities. Analyn wanted help leaving and was not ready to speak with law enforcement. The National Human Trafficking Hotline reached out to a local service provider partner to support Analyn as she prepared to leave. Initially, Analyn wanted to find a safe place to stay on her own, so the service provider offered to provide her with transportation. However, when Analyn's shelter plans fell through, the service provider made multiple calls and tapped into local resources to coordinate shelter at a permanent safe house. Through conversations with Analyn, the service provider, and the National Hotline, a plan was set in place for Analyn to leave. The service provider met Analyn near her employer's home and took her to meet with a pro-bono immigration attorney, shortly before taking her to the safe house. With the service provider's advocacy, Analyn was able to access necessary social services, had a safe place to stay, and continued to work with an immigration attorney to obtain a T-Visa.

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