When You Reach Us

Trained Anti-Trafficking Hotline Advocates and supervisory staff provide assistance to victims in crisis through safety planning, emotional support and/or immediate connections to emergency services through our network of trained service provider and law enforcement partners.  The staff is focused on supporting victims and survivors and is unfortunately not available to assist in research or respond to general questions about human trafficking.

The process begins with a careful trafficking assessment to determine possible next steps. These might include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Follow-up call with the caller for additional information or to coordinate next steps (with caller's consent);
  • Report to our designated law enforcement partners for investigation;
  • Coordinate with law enforcement and/or service provider partners for emergency assistance; and/or
  • Referral or live transfer to our service provider partners to ensure victim service needs are met.

The Trafficking Hotline supports victims’ right to choose what those next steps might be, including whether or not to access services or report information to law enforcement. Except in situations involving potential abuse of a minor or if we believe a person is in imminent danger, the Trafficking Hotline will not take action without the consent of the person in the situation.  

Frequently requested service referrals include case management, shelter, transportation, legal services, mental health and counseling services, and much more. Referrals and assistance are available to all survivors of human trafficking regardless of whether or not the need is urgent.

In addition to Hotline support, survivors and others working to support them can find services and assistance through the National Human Trafficking Referral Directory.

Decisions to report tips to law enforcement are handled on a case-by-case basis with priority on safety and the consent of the individual involved. Report a tip.

Human Trafficking Hotline Statistics


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