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Sex Trafficking Story | Hotel/Motel

April, 2014

Luis, a runaway and homeless youth outreach worker, learned about a situation involving several young women who were being commercially sexually exploited. He spoke with two young men who told him about a hotel in a nearby town in Oregon where this took place. According to the two young men, the location for the operation was advertised by word of mouth and on some online chat groups where potential buyers could learn the address of the hotel. Buyers went to the hotel and spoke with a man who coordinated the deal and took the money. Aside from the address of the hotel, the young men did not have additional details about the situation. They explained that outside of the sexual interaction, the men purchasing sex were not able to speak with the young women. Because the young men interacted with members of the community in which the commercial sex was occurring, they feared retaliation and wished to remain anonymous. Luis contacted the National Human Trafficking Hotline to report the information. The hotline referred the case to local law enforcement, and an investigation was opened.