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National Human Trafficking Hotline's Anti-Trafficking Hotline Advocates are skilled in conducting trafficking assessments for all forms of human trafficking. The National Hotline handles reports of potential labor and sex trafficking situations, involving adults and minors, foreign nationals and U.S. citizens, males, females, and transgender individuals. The National Hotline serves all individuals who reach out for services regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, religion, age, disability, sex, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

The National Hotline respects an individual's right to make the decision regarding whether or not to report information about his/her experience to law enforcement or other parties.

The National Hotline recognizes that information provided to law enforcement officials can lead to increased investigations and prosecutions, deter future trafficking, and help victims safely exit situations of human trafficking. Whenever possible, the National Hotline endeavors to speak directly with victims to discuss the various reporting and referral options and receive explicit consent to make a report on his/her behalf. Consent from a victim and the safety of any individuals involved are the most important factors the National Hotline considers when weighing whether or not to make a report.

The National Hotline will immediately inform appropriate authorities if we suspect child abuse or if we have reason to believe there is imminent harm to you or others.

If the Hotline Advocate determines that the caller is referencing a potential case of human trafficking, a Supervisor is immediately alerted to the case to coordinate a response.

Each tip is unique and reporting decisions are made on a case-by-case basis to determine the most appropriate next steps that prioritize the safety and consent of individuals involved in the case. Every case received through the hotline, email, or online tip report is individually reviewed and evaluated by a Supervisor to determine whether it should be passed on to an appropriate local, state, or federal investigative and/or service agency equipped to investigate the tip and/or respond to the needs of the victim. 

The nature of the response to a potential trafficking tip depends on the urgency of the situation, the unique needs and wishes of the victim (if known), the specificity of the information provided, the presence of indicators of severe forms of trafficking in persons, relevant state and/or federal laws, and the referral and reporting protocols established between the National Hotline and the local and federal actors in a given area.

The National Hotline is not a law enforcement or an investigative agency.

A response to a trafficking case may include any of the following action steps:

  • Follow-up call with the caller for additional information or to coordinate next steps (with caller's consent);
  • Report to our designated law enforcement partners for investigation;
  • Coordinate with law enforcement and/or service provider partners for emergency assistance; and/or
  • Referral or live transfer to our service provider partners to ensure victim service needs are met.

Tips are prioritized by their level of urgency:

  1. Urgent Cases: Supervisors initiate a response plan on urgent cases while you are on the phone or within minutes of ending the call. All cases involving minor victims are considered urgent cases.
  2. Non-Urgent Cases: Non-urgent cases are reviewed by a Supervisor and reported (where appropriate) within less than 24 hours.
  3. Lack of information: Tips lacking in concrete information pertaining to potential trafficking situations may not be reported by the National Hotline.


The National Hotline will not disclose information about a caller to law enforcement or service providers without the caller's consent, except in circumstances where we suspect child abuse or if we have reason to believe there is imminent harm to the caller or others. You do not need to provide your name or any identifying details about your situation unless you are comfortable doing so. If you wish to report a tip anonymously, the National Hotline will protect your anonymity when sharing information about a potential trafficking case with appropriate authorities. See our Confidentiality Policy for more details.

If you give consent to share your contact information with law enforcement, the National Hotline will include this information in our report and law enforcement may contact you to request additional information.

Once a case is reported to law enforcement, the National Hotline cannot provide updates on the status of the case. If you learn more information about the case, contact the National Hotline again and we can send a supplemental report to law enforcement.