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Bridging Cities, Building Collaboration - Trauma Informed Care & Training Conference

May 14, 2019 - 8:00am
May 16, 2019 - 5:00pm
Portland Church First
6100 SW Raab Rd
Portland, OR 97221

Join us for an incredible Trauma Informed Care Training Conference connecting churches, community partners and law enforcement on the west coast. This training will help you gain the knowledge, tools and resources to engage, further develop or improve collaboration on behalf of sex-trafficked victims and complex trauma survivors in your community.Each day of the conference has a unique agenda so you can choose the one that applies to your field of specialtyDay 1 - Healthcare Workers, Hospitality Workers, BusinessesDay 2 - Faith Community & SurvivorsDay 3 - Law EnforcementIncludes coffee, light breakfast, lunch, refreshments, conference packet.Along with some incredible speakers from the list below, resource kits and other materials will be available to better equip you to start a trauma-informed survivor program and foster collaboration among law enforcement and community partners.Conference Speakers: Bridging the Gap, Bloomfield Consultants, EPIK, Freedom Calling, Innovations HTC, In Our Backyard, Janus Youth, LiveLoveNW, Mentor Support Collaborative, Mending the Soul, Portland First Church, Portland Police Bureau, Pristine Counseling, Responder Life, Safety Compass, Western Psychological and World Venture.