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Break Every Chain

March 18, 2017
March 18, 2017
Contact for tickets
Greencastle-Antrim High School
300 S. Ridge Ave
Greencastle, PA 17225

We are very excited to be hosting a crucial conference in the tri-state area, Saturday, March 18, 2017 at the Greencastle-Antrim High School. The Break Every Chain Women’s conference is coming to bring awareness about human trafficking, offer practical ways women can get involved in preventing our girls and women from being trafficked, and present how we can support those who are helping restore girls and women coming out of a trafficking situation. The conference will also help women process the reality that every woman at some point in her life can be enslaved to something, but she doesn’t have to keep living that way. The hope is for women, young and old, specifically 11 years and up in the tri-state area, to live free so that we can help others be free.The “fee” for women to attend is a monetary, gift card, or item donation to She’s Somebody’s Daughter or The Truth Home for the purpose of helping women and girls be freed from human trafficking in our area. We are anticipating between 600-1000 women in attendance. This event will also include a Community Resource Fair. We have two primary goals for this resource fair. First, we would like to offer tangible resources for ladies in attendance who are in need. Second, we would like to offer opportunities for ladies to engage with organizations who are already at work.

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