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The Role of the Nurse

The Role of the Nurse in Combatting Human Trafficking

An article in the American Journal of Nursing on critical ways nurses can help victims of trafficking.

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National Symposium on Health Needs

National Symposium on the Health Needs of Human Trafficking Victims: Post-Symposium Brief

A briefing from the National Symposium on the Health Needs of Human Trafficking, outlining the health care needs of victims of human trafficking and methods to improve the provision services for vi

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Caring for Trafficked Persons

Caring for Trafficked Persons: Guidance for Health Providers

Caring for Trafficked Persons brings together the collective experience of a broad range of experts in addressing the consequences of human trafficking and gives practical advice to help a concerned health provider understand the phenomenon of human trafficking, recognize some of the associated health problems and consider safe and appropriate approaches to providing healthcare for trafficked persons. 

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